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Faculty and Staff Resource Guide: Instructional Support

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About Library Instructional Support

The LSC-Kingwood Library’s instruction is focus on building information literacy and multimodal fluency. Our instruction follows the Association of College and Research Library frameworks (2015) and standards (2011).  Our instruction goals are to train students to access, evaluate, and ethically use information.

The framework on which our goals are developed are:

  • Authority is constructed and contextualized
  • Information creation as a process
  • information has value
  • Research as inquiry
  • Scholarship as conversation
  • Searching as conversation

Lead Instructional Librarian

Mikha Mitchell
20000 Kingwood Dr.
Kingwood, Tx 77339
(Ref.) 281.312.1693

LIB 106B
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Book an Instructional Session with a Librarian

Call Mikha Mitchell (218-312-1468) to schedule a session.

  • Book your class for a library session no later than two weeks in advance to the day of the session. This is particularly important for evening and weekend classes.
  • Timing is very important to ensure the success of session. Librarians will be designing the lesson based on the stage of research your students will be at. 
  • Provide a written copy of the research-based assignment that is tied to the session.
  • Provide the following dates and times:
    • When the assignment will be given to students
    • When the assignment will be due
    • Days and time of your class
  • Tell us what your expectations are for the session and how it will influence the results in the assignment.
  • Think about having a follow-up session to cover more aspects of information literacy.

About Information Literacy


Additional Support

Additional Support

  • Our team of librarians create subject and assignment guides to supplement instruction. These are called LibGuides. You're in one now! It is a content management software that provides the ability to design dynamic web 2.0 based pages to help guide your student through a research project.
  • Add a librarian into your D2L classroom for virtual reference discussions.
  • Call, email, and chat with a librarian.

Information Literacy Survey

-Click on the image to view the infographic in a new tab.-

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