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Honors College Co-Curricular Workshops

Complete your honors project successfully through this workshop series. This will help students build research, writing, and presentation skills.

Workshop Preparation: What You Should Know About Giving an Academic Presentation

You are expected to bring with you to this workshop:

  • Final thesis statement
  • Informal or formal outline of topic and subtopics
  • Bibliography of sources
  • Laptop, tablet, or mobile device, if available

Visual aids are used to reinforce your ideas, not to be in place of your presentation.

Use little text. Think "Twitter-sized."

No spelling or grammatical mistakes. Use proper capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Use clear fonts, large sizes, and contrasting colors.

 Use clear images to reinforce what you are saying.

 Avoid using special effects and animation tools.


Presentation Tools

Practice before you present. 

(This will help you be less nervous.)

 Time yourself to build confidence in what you plan to say and ensure that you have properly organized your presentation.

 Speak clearly. Enunciate, no mumbling!

Dress like you're going to a job interview; wear your Sunday best. No Jeans and sunglasses.

Make eye contact with your audience

Engage the audience

Do NOT read from the slides.


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