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Children's Literature: Find Internet Sources

Think Like a Librarian: Evaluating Internet Resources

The Internet can be a wonderful source of original or primary sources.  Browse the sites we have suggested below. If you do your own searching, determine if it is a credible source by critically applying these criteria:

  1. Accuracy - The information should be researched and show proof that it has been.
  2. Source - Who wrote the information? Look at the domain.  .edu .gov. org .net are valid research sources.
  3. Authority - What are the author's credentials?  (Don't quote from another college freshman's paper.)
  4. Coverage - Does the page have the information you need for your research?
  5. Objectivity - If a work is biased, use it - just make sure your professor knows YOU know. And offer both sides of issues, where applicable.

Search Google Scholar

Find academic research on the internet using Google Scholar. To link to content from LSCS Libraries databases: 

  • Select Settings at the top of the Google Scholar search screen.
  • Select Library links from the left menu.
  • Enter Lone Star College in the search box.
  • Check the box labeled  Lone Star College System Libraries - full text from Lone Star.
  • Save to return to the search menu.
  • Select the Full-text from Lone Star link in the right column of the search results to locate the article in one of our other research databases. If you want to search JSTOR articles, add JSTOR as a search term.

Google Scholar



To learn more about Google Scholar and to find search tips:

Best of the Web: Helpful Links

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