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About the Assignment

Bronchi, Bronchial Tree and Lungs


Each student will prepare a research paper concerning a respiratory disease that will be assigned in the first week. This paper must incorporate the pathophysiology, prevention, pharmacological treatment, and therapeutic interventions of this disease process.

Requirements for the paper:

  • The research paper MUST be a minimum of five typed pages in length.
  • Use 12 point font with double spacing and standard margins. 
  • No handwritten papers will be accepted. They will be returned for word processing.
  • This paper must be cited using APA format and contain a reference page with a minimum of five references as follows:                       
    • two (2) books
    • two (2) medical journals
    • one (1) on-line source such as The American Lung Association or other official support group; pages associated with a hospital/clinic or peer-reviewed web pages.
    • It is acceptable to use your textbooks in addition to the above types of references.

See your syllabus for the grading criteria of the Research Paper.

Contact your professor, Fiona B. Campbell, for questions about your assignment.

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