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Death Penalty

About the Assignment

Using the research databases listed in the box below, find an article about one of the people in the photos above that relates to the death penalty in the United States. (Do not Google.)

Copy the article, read it, and produce a summary of what the article says in relation to the courts and the death penalty and the individual named below. 

  • The first paragraph must be a summary of the case facts (what, where, when). 
  • The second paragraph should be a summary of the issues regarding this case and why people are questioning the death penalty in this case. 
  • The third paragraph should be your reflection on the efficacy of the death penalty in this particular case.   

Attach the cover sheet, the article, and your summary for full credit.


Other useful databases

For background and general information about the death penalty in the United States.


Deadly Justice: A Statistical Portrait of the Death Penalty; Frank Baumgartner...Et Al

The Death Penalty

Death Penalty on the Ballot: American Democracy and the Fate of Capital Punishment

Intellectual Disability and the Death Penalty: Current Issues and Controversies

When the State Kills

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