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Geology 1405 Sustainability Project: Home

This guide was created for students in Dr. Cherith Letargo's Geology 1405 class.


Geothermal Energy

Nuclear Energy


Solar Power



Wind Power

Energy- Video Explanations

You may want to view a lecture from this Great Courses DVD set.  It will give good background for your research.

Topics and Assignment Details

Sustainability Project

Choose a topic from the list below or suggest your own.

  • Integrated Waste and Wastewater Management Systems
    • Composting
    • Graywater Filtration Systems
    • Blackwater Filtrations Systems- Reed Beds
    • Biosolids Production
    • Non-hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Alternative Non-Renewable Energy Resources
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
  • Alternative Renewable Energy Reources
    • Biomass
    • Solar Power
    • Hydropower
    • Hydrogen
    • Wind Power
  • APA format
  • 15 pages including tables and diagrams
  • 5 references minimum, including 1 book and 2 scientific journals

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