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Literature of the War Zone: Home

About the Course

This course considers the literature of war in multiple genres, including short fiction, poetry, the novel, the novella, and newspaper journalism, during the American Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Iraqi Freedom. Through in-class discussions, short response papers, a research project, and an oral presentation, students will examine the various responses of writers who have experienced war on the frontlines of battle, in occupied territories, and on the home front. In the process, students will also consider historical overviews of the various wars, study the role of traumatic memory in writing, and examine the rhetoric of war propaganda and patriotic jingoism.

Images from the War Zone

A Viet Cong based being burned. National Archives and Records Administration.


Reporting America at War

BBC World War One

War Memorials

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