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We are pedagogically excellent! Check out some of the innovative and engaging tools below. 


  1. You can download the software from their website:

  2. If you’ve been playing around with TechSmith Relay (now called Knowmia) as a video recording tool, it’s the same initial tool set up.

  3. If you are ever video recording and want your face in it, switch the Webcam dial to turn it on.

  4. The capture button starts the process. You’ll identify the part of your screen that you wish to capture. Click on the screen for the full-screen or hold down your mouse as drag it across your screen for a set location.

  5. A new toolbar pops up. This is where you get to choose whether you want a video or a screenshot. You can also resize the set screen location, redo your highlighted screen area, or exit.undefined

  6. Once you selected the still or video camera button, the screenshot preview will appear. You have the same tools as in Jing: Arrows, textbox, shape, and highlighter. There are distinctly labeled action buttons: cancel, copy, save, or upload to screencast. If you save it, the file will be saved as a png. In computer geek terms, this means that the text and lines will be sharper (than a JPEG file) and are typically small file sizes without losing any quality.undefined


The default setting may have changed where it is set to record. If you wish to change this default, go to the Settings icon > Destination > Screencast.

Created by Alison Yang

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