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EDUC 2301: Introduction to Special Populations

Dr. Brandolyn Jones

On a weekly basis, find a scholarly, peer-reviewed article about how teachers make accommodations for students (K-12 classes) with a specific disability that the course is focusing on at the time. Submit a report that includes:

  1. The purpose of the study,
  2. The problem, and
  3. The findings.


What Does Peer-Review Mean?


  • What is the publication date or last date updated?
  • Is the content timely, useful, and valid for your information need?


  • Who wrote the content?
  • What makes that individual author or organization qualified to write it? What other information about the author is included?
  • Who sponsored the content?


  • Is the purpose of the content to inform, to entertain, or to promote a product or service? 
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Does the information seem credible? If so, can you check the information against another resource (i.e. book, journal article, newspaper, etc.) for credibility?


  • Is content biased?
  • Are opinions balanced or does the author have an agenda?
  • How does the bias influence the information?

Writing Style




  • Does the information contain a bibliography, references, or a comprehensive list of sources supporting its theme, topic, or agenda?
  • Is content presented at an appropriate level for an academic research paper?
  • Does the supporting information fit your research need?
  • Is the work complete, or is it a summary of other work?

Keywords Activity

Pick out keywords for your weekly question. For example, How do teachers make accommodation for students with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder?

What are some similar terms to them?

Here is an example of a mind map to help you in this process:


Make note of these terms because they will be useful throughout the semester and your professional career. 

You can save these terms in a research log to keep your search strategies organized to reference later. Below is an example of a research log.

Search Strategies: Boolean Logic

Boolean Searching

Find Articles

Write your Report in MLA Style

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