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Learning Express Library: General Information

The ins and outs of Learning Express Library, a database that helps with studying and test prep on a variety of subjects.

About Learning Express

The LearningExpress is an online platform with academic and career-oriented resources. It includes:

  • a collection of over 1000 practice tests and skills tutorials and more than 200 eBooks
  • a comprehensive job search and career guidance system
  • an interactive online multimedia training that instructs users on popular software products, graphic design & studio application, office applications, and operating systems
  • easy-to-follow multimedia training that introduces novice computer users to PC essential, internet basics, social networking and more.

Feature Resources

LEL helps learners in the following areas

  • Math skills
  • Science skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing, Speaking, and Grammar
  • Computer skills: Basics and Internet
  • Software tools
  • College Placement Exams
  • Occupational Exams
  • Graduate School Admissions Exams
  • TOEFL Test preparation
  • U.S. Citizenship prep
  • Job Search and Workplace Skills 

Look and Feel

LEL looks is different than other databases, why is that?

This database is mobile friendly. There are no apps required. You can explore and study using your touchscreen device!


The Learning Centers are a collection of training modules organized around a theme or focus. Practice tests, tutorials, eBooks, and other related materials are grouped together into a Center.

Welcome to LearningExpress

System Requirements

Windows XP
Chrome (current version)
Firefox (current version)

Windows 7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Firefox (current version)
Chrome (current version)

Windows 8
Internet Explorer 10
Firefox (current version)
Chrome (current version)

Mac OS X
Safari (current version)
Firefox (current version)
Chrome (current version)

JavaScript and cookies enabled

Viewing Computer Skills courses requires Adobe Flash 8 or higher. 

Viewing eBooks requires Adobe Reader 8 or higher. 

IE8 and Firefox require flash to play audio within tests and courses.

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