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Student Focused Advance equity

We are student focused, student invested, and we advance equity!  Check out how students can get access to free textbooks or browse the collections of Open Education Resources below for free material students can use in lieu of textbooks! Put links to tutoring, library services, and D2L help into your course!

Open Access Resources & Free e-Textbooks

Learning Support, Tutoring, and Library Resources

Starting Tuesday, April 14th

Your Learning Commons team can help students with basic computer questions concerning D2L, WORD, EXCEL, and Power Point.

The appointments will be hour-long. The length of appointment may change due to what kind of help is needed and by demand.

Appointments can be made through the Appointments button on the LSC-Kingwood Library website.

  1. Log in, create an account if it is your first time,
  2. select “Online Course Assistance,”
  3. Select a time,
  4. Fill out the appointment form.

Students will receive an email to confirm the time. It will include directions about how to get into the session.

Available Appointment Times:

Monday- Thursday: 8am-8pm (Last scheduled appointment will begin at 7pm).

Friday: 8am-3pm (Last scheduled appointment will begin at 2pm).

Saturday: 9am-2pm (Last scheduled appointment will begin at 1pm).


Lone Star College Kingwood Tutoring - Kingwood tutors are available online to assist with writing, science, and math. Please post this link in your online classes!

Any Course, Any Campus:

LSC students can use tutoring services at any campus, regardless of the campus at which their classes are housed.  Click here for a listing of the other campus' webpages.  For fully online classes, limited online tutoring is available.  Click here for more information about online tutoring.


The LSC-Kingwood Learning Commons offers D2L and Microsoft Office help (virtually and in the space) to students.

Job Aids & Helpful Videos for Students

Help your students get the help they need!

Put a “Need Help?” module or HTML file in your D2L class that contains contact information & links that students need.


Consider using the attached information which includes: advising, counseling, career services, Microsoft Office help, CARESACT info., and more.

Attached are job aids on how to add a “Need Help?” module, a “Need Help?” HTML file, and the list of updated contact information/links for your use. -Requested by Stephanie Andrews (thanks for the great idea!)

The LSC-Kingwood Learning Commons offers D2L and Microsoft Office help (virtually and in the space) to students.

LSC-Kingwood Learning Commons | Ask Us: | Reference: 281.312.1693 | Circulation: 281.312.1691 | LIB 100, 20000 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339