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RNSG 2504: Integrated Care of the Client with Common Health Care Needs: Home

About the Assignment

Professional Paper

In completing this assignment, you will examine nursing journals, conduct a literature review, write a 5-10 page paper, and work with APA publication style.

Grading the Assignment

CATEGORY   Possible Points

Introduction – Address the topic of your paper. Why you chose this topic and why it is of interest or importance to you.


Required Content – The paper should have:
1. Title page as per APA
2. Introduction
3. Review of the literature
4. Pathophysiology , diagnosis, nursing interventions, Management
5. Summary
6. References
Could prevention measures have helped?
Pictures may be used, but will not be counted in the content of the page.

Summary - Summarize the major points and theme of the paper. Relate any conclusions you have come to after doing your research.


References/Works Cited - References include at least 5 nursing journals/online sources published within 5 years. 20
Length of Paper and Professional Style - Typed: Times New Roman or Arial font. . No less than 5 pages (title page and reference list do not count), no more than 10. Follow APA Style. Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Paper submitted on time and submitted to “” for review. 15
This Research paper is 5% of your class grade. 100

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