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HPRS 2301: Pathophysiology: Home

About the Assignment

The best research assignments are ones that use a variety of resources including books, newspaper and journal articles, and Internet sites. We encourage you to use all of these sources for this paper. We hope you will take full advantage of the many resources our libraries offer.

If you have questions about the research and construction of the paper, email your assigned E-Librarian or contact any of the Lone Star College-Kingwood Librarians. Write to instructor Wendy Creighton using your LSC-Online e-mail with any questions about topic selection or other course questions you may have. She will refer research and formatting questions to your E-Librarian.

Assignment guidelines:

Many ideas have been provided for you, but you are also free to think up one of your own choosing which must be approved by your instructor. Approval requires that you email your instructor about the topic you want to explore and what you want to do with it by the topic due deadline date located on the class calendar.

Topic examples:

  • Is there a cure for cancer that scientists don't want us to know about?
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is it effective in wound healing?
  • How effective are diabetic pumps in the management of type one diabetes?
  • Can exercise and proper diet “cure” depression?

Report instructions:

  1. Topics are on a first come/first serve basis, although I will consider different angles on the same topic.
  2. The project paper should include and can be basically formatted in the following order:
    • Thesis statement
    • Arguments for from at least 3 different sources.
    • Arguments against from at least 3 different sources.
    • Include 1-2 online library references for each.
    • Personal conclusion & why
    • Works cited (your sources done in MLA style and submitted through the Project assignments section)
  3. Choose a side and back it up with your references. Use at least six (6) references for your report (see above). You can certainly use more references, but (6) is the minimum. This is an "issue driven" assignment. Based on your research, you are to decide whether or not the evidence backs up your thesis. To do this properly, you need credible evidence from places that have researched these issues, which is why you are to use the online library resources.
  4. Spelling matters, as well as good sentence structure. Take advantage of the free help sources listed in the Support section of this page. I do expect you to follow the rules of grammar and sentence structure. Have someone else check over your report who can do this so you can escape being penalized up to 20%.
  5. Formatting your works cited (sources):

    I prefer that you use MS WORD to type your works cited, but if you have MS WORKS, make sure that you save your work in the rich text format (rtf.). You will be using the MLA report style for the works cited for your project. See our examples.

    Using MS Word? Find out how MS Word helps you with MLA formatted papers.

    Contact the librarians if you need assistance with this.

Formatting Your Paper


Thesis statement: What is it you are trying to prove?

Arguments For: You can use bullets or numbers.

Arguments Against: You can use bullets or numbers.

Conclusion: Did the evidence support your thesis and why?


Thesis: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Arguments For:

1. Xxxxxxx

2. Xxxxxxxx

3. Xxxxxxxxx

Arguments Against:

1. Xxxxxxxxxx

2. Xxxxxxxxxx

3. Xxxxxxxxxx

Conclusion: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Works cited: Follow provided examples of setting up resources in MLA style which will then be submitted through the Project Dropbox in Assignments.

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