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HPRS 2300: Pharmacology for Office Personnel: Home


Decide on a current issue related to pharmacology and choose a side to discuss in your paper. If you are unsure of a topic, please discuss your ideas with your instructor. Here are several possible topics suggested by your instructor:

  • Does the FDA spend too much (or not enough) time in the drug approval process?
  • Should there be more widespread volunteer test programs to help speed up the approval process?
  • Are there too many (or not enough) children being required to be medicated in order to attend school?
  • Should children be required to be vaccinated to attend school?
  • Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?
  • Should there be limits on litigation when a drug is pulled off the market?
  • Are there ways to bring down the cost of medications to make them more affordable and available to those who need them?

Additional current pharmacology topic ideas include the following: clinical trials, inspection of new drugs, medical ethics topics, controversial drugs (such as Prozac, Vioxx, or ephedra), antibiotic resistance, vaccine production issues related to the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) threat, the ADHD medication controversy, or the monitoring of alternative medicines, herbs, or supplements.

You are free to choose a topic not listed here, but it must be approved by your instructor.

Tip: Try a search in the databases below to find general background information or browse articles on a broad topic to help you select a more focused topic for your assignment.

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Assignment Guidelines


Once your idea has been approved, you will then post it in the “Project Idea” section on the Discussion Board.

 1. Topics are on a first come/first serve basis, although I will consider different angles on the same topic. This is one of the reasons as to why your idea is to be posted where everyone can see it.

2. Submit an outline on your topic using the order below (see #3).  This must be a detailed outline and include your references.  See the class calendar for submission date.  Submit the outline in the “Final Outline Dropbox” under the lessons tab in the Project section of the course.

3. The project paper should include and can be basically formatted in the following order:

  • Thesis statement
  • Arguments for from at least 3 different sources.
  • Arguments against from at least 3 different sources.
  • Include 1-2 online library references for each.
  • Personal conclusion & why
  • Works cited (Please use MLA style)

4. Choose a side and back it up with your references. Use at least 6 references for your report (see above). You can certainly use more references, but 6 is the minimum. This is an "issue driven" assignment. Based on your research, you are to decide whether or not the evidence backs up your thesis. To do this properly, you need credible evidence from places that have researched these issues, which is why you are to use the online library resources.

5. Spelling matters, as well as good sentence structure. Take advantage of the free help sources listed in the Support section of this page.

6. Submit the paper in the “Final Project Dropbox” under the lessons tab in the Project section of the course.

Formatting your works cited (sources):

I prefer that you use MS WORD to type your works cited, but if you have MS WORKS, make sure that you save your work in the rich text format (rtf.). You will be using the MLA report style for the works cited for your project. See our examples.

Using MS Word 2013? Find out how MS Word helps you with MLA formatted papers. This video uses an older version of Word; however, the Reference tab is essentially the same. Ask a librarian if you need help or contact your e-Librarian assigned to your online class.

Formatting Your Paper


Thesis statement: What is it you are trying to prove?

Arguments For: You can use bullets or numbers.

Arguments Against: You can use bullets or numbers.

Conclusion: Did the evidence support your thesis and why?


Thesis: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Arguments For:

1. Xxxxxxx

2. Xxxxxxxx

3. Xxxxxxxxx

Arguments Against:

1. Xxxxxxxxxx

2. Xxxxxxxxxx

3. Xxxxxxxxxx

Conclusion: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Works cited: Follow provided examples of setting up resources in MLA style which will then be submitted through the Project Dropbox in Assignments.

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