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Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell

Paper Ideas

  • Political Science
    • Democratic Socialism
    • Totalitarianism
    • Political revolution
  • Technological Relevance
    • Big Brother
    • Telescreen (Remember, this was written at the dawn of television)
    • Telespeak
  • English
    • Obfuscating Language/Newspeak
    • Propaganda
    • Dystopia
    • Fake news
    • War is Peace
    • Freedom is Slavery
    • Ignorance is Strength
    • Censorship
    • Symbolism: The coral paperweight
  • Psychology
    • Sexual repression
    • Brainwashing
    • Conscience
    • Stanford Prison Experiment
    • Proles
    • Thought police
  • History
    • Cold War
    • Red Scare
    • Stalinist Russia
    • Nazi Germany
    • Alliances / Eurozone, Soviet Socialist Republics, British empire, NATO, OAS
  • Freedom and Enslavement/Free Will
    • Control
    • Guarded Emotions
    • Punishment
    • Vigilance
  • Appearances and Reality
    • Change History
    • Control Information
    • False Perception of Reality
  • Loyalty and Betrayal
    • Sexual Abstinence
    • Lack of Trust
    • Absence of Love
  • Utopia and Anti-Utopia
    • Fear
    • Torment
    • Warning to Future People
  • Patriotism
    • Exploit Children
    • Indoctrination
    • Militaristic 

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