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Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell

Forms of Plagiarism

The Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

  1. Buying or using someone else’s paper or project from a local source or Internet site and submitting your work.
  2. Incorrectly attributing or neglecting to attribute source material (books, articles, Internet sites, music CDs, movies, etc.) used in an assignment or clinical written work.
  3. Failing to distinguish direct quotations from paraphrasing or summarization of source material.
  4. Completing someone else’s work on an assignment or clinical written work.
  5. Fabricating or falsifying information or source material in an assignment or clinical written work.
  6. Submitting an assignment or clinical written work as your own after someone else has rewritten or changed major portions of it.
  7. Using a project completed for another course and resubmitting it without changes for another course.
  1. Having additional class requirements imposed.
  2. Receiving a grade of zero or “F” for an exam or assignment.
  3. Receiving a grade of “F” for the course.
  4. Being withdrawn from the course or program.
  5. Being expelled from the college system. 

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