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Am I An Artist?

Imagine yourself as a maker of the arts during the time periods we have studied. Do not pretend to be an artist that has actually lived.

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Find academic research on the internet using Google Scholar

Once you have  your search results, locate full-text content from LSCS Libraries:

Google Scholar drop down menu

  • Select Settings from the drop down menu located in the upper right of the search screen.
  • Select Library links from the left menu.
  • Enter Lone Star College in the search box.
  • Check the box labeled  Lone Star College System Libraries - full text from Lone Star.
  • Save to return to the search menu.
  • Select the Full-text from Lone Star link in the right column of the search results to locate the article in one of our other research databases. If you want to search JSTOR articles, add JSTOR as a search term.
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