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Learning Commons Manual & Resources

COVID-19 Reporting Symptoms and RtB Questions

The following Symptom Reporting Cheat Sheet and FAQ answers questions regarding individuals with COVID-19 related symptoms but no COVID-19 diagnosis. The document focuses:

  • What to do if someone has COVID-19-related symptoms
  • Recommending testing/medical visits
  • How long someone has to wait to return after reporting
  • Communication lead times

Below are questions with answers, LC employees have asked concerning Return to Building. If you have any other questions, please email Allison Huffy,  

  1. How do we enter the Learning Commons Space? Enter the Learning Commons from the door facing the court yard to the CLA building. You will have to use your employee badge to open the door. The card scanner is on the brick to the right of the door.
  2. What if my badge doesn't let me into the Learning Commons? Call 281-312-1693 and ask the LC Captain to let you in.
  3. Who do I contact if I am running late? Contact the LC Captain by calling this number, 281-312-1693. Leave a message if phone is not answered.
  4. Are vending machines and water fountains available? No. Please bring your own drink and snack.
  5. Will we get a break? Breaks will be allowed during the 15 minute sanitization period once your designated space has been sanitized. There is no eating in the Learning Commons space.  If you need to eat a snack, please step outside. You will be allowed to drink in your work space. If you need to use the restroom during your shift, the LC captain will unlock the door for you.
  6.  Can we use the break room? No. Currently the break room is off limits.
  7. Can we go into the work room? No. Only the Learning Commons (LC) Captain will be allowed to go into the workroom and this is only to get supplies needed.
  8. Where can we store our personal items? Personal items, such as your purse, will have to stay in the area where you are working. The break room, work room, and drawers at the service desk are all locked to prevent contamination.
  9.  Do we need to bring our own PPE? You are certainly welcome to use your own PPE. There are paper masks available at the CLA check in and there will be gloves in the Learning Commons you can use to sanitize designated areas.
  10. What is the general cleaning procedure? Refer to the documentation at the applicable station.





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