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Assignment: Group Project: Conflict within Groups

There are three (3) different parts to this project that total 150 points:

I.  Group Organizational Plan Paper (Group determines goals, individual tasks & time lines)

      Value = 30 points (Only 1 paper turned in)

II.  Group PowerPoint Presentation  PowerPoint is graded on conflict content, grammar, work citations, creativity, examples and understandability)

       Value  = 100 points (Only 1 PowerPoint  turned in by the group)

III.  Individual  Reflection Paper

       Value = 20 points (each team member will turn in answers and evaluate the other group members) 

Group Organizational Plan Paper

One (1) typed paper per group will contain all the answers to the statements listed.  However, all group members will work on determining the group tasks/time lines, etc. 

Value = 30 points

1.  Team members must exchange contact information (phone, e-mail addresses, twitter accounts, etc).

2.  Groups are responsible for turning in typed data with the following information:

     a.  Group member names

     b.  Topic

 3.  Designate  group leader’s name and phone number

 4.  Determine  individual  group member tasks/ who does what?

5.  Determine how the group  will communicate (Skype, face-to-face, chat, email, twitter, etc.)

      a.  Turn around time for responding to emails, phone calls

      b.  Determine how group will agree on generating ideas

      c.  Determine disagreements guidelines \who makes a final decision ( i.e., majority rules, etc.)

      d.  Determine how group will edit/review group member documents

6.  Discuss how many times the team should gather online before the final project is due. 

7.  Determine time lines for completion of work.  (For example, list the detailed time frame for  the overall group and then state what time frame each group member has to complete their work).

8.  Discuss how the team will communicate when a member is missing.  And, how the person will know what they need to accomplish for the next meeting.

9.  Determine guidelines for “releasing a group member” from your group.

     a.  What are the group criteria for “kicking a member out of the group”?

          i.  How many times can a person miss or not respond before actions are taken?

          ii.  Decide what will happen if work is not completed on time.

          iii.  Determine who will document the fact that a person is not functioning in the group.

   b.  How will the  group member be notified if he/she is no longer part of the group (been kicked out)?

   c.  Who will notify the professor when  a member is no longer part of the group?

    (Please note the professor will ask for proof that a group member was not functioning in the group).

Group PowerPoint Presentation

Power Point Presentation  = 100 points

(PowerPoint is graded on communication content, grammar, work citations, creativity, examples and understandability)

Each team will receive a specific conflict style (pre-determined by your professor). The group must work together to produce ONE (1) comprehensive Final PowerPoint Presentation. 

Your PowerPoint will address the following points:  

I.  Define the conflict style

A.  What it is?

B.  How it works?

C.  When it’s used?

                   1. When it’s appropriate to use the conflict style.

                   2. When it’s not appropriate to use the conflict style.

II.  Use media examples (video, film clips, cartoons, tv clips, newspaper articles, audio files, etc.)  to demonstrate the conflict style

                A.  Explain in the PowerPoint how your media example(s) is demonstrated.

               B.  Specifically, show how the examples fit into the conflict style.

III.    Cite 5 additional sources (other than text) using the proper MLA format.  An important part of the additional resources is that the group must find at least 2 communication case studies that relate to your group’s specific conflict topic.

IV.    Final project is a properly researched 15 to 20 slide PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates a conflict style.

Individual  Reflection Paper

Value = 20 points (each team member will evaluate the other group members)

1.  Name each group member and assign a letter grade of A thru  F. 

2.  Explain each grade and how the member contributed to the group’s goal?

3.  Did conflict arise in the group?  (Remember conflict is not always a bad attribute)  If yes, how well did the group deal with the conflict?

4.  What would you improve this project?  How would you improve the group dynamics?

5.  Overall, grade the quality of your group PowerPoint presentation.  Explain the grade given.

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Conflict Styles

Thomas and Kilmann's 5 Styles of Conflict Management

A conflict style is a consistent pattern or approach that you use to manage disagreement with others.

Most people do not have a single way of dealing with differences, but we do tend to use patterns that we have used before when dealing with conflict. The pattern chosen depends on several factors: our personality, the individuals with whom you are involved in the conflict, time and place of the confrontation, and other situation factors.

The five style model is based on two main dimensions: concern for others and concern for self. 

5 Styles of Conflict Management

From: Beebe, Steven A., Susan J. Beebe, and Mark V. Redmond. Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others. 7th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2014.​

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles

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