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HUMA 1302H - Charles Darwin & Abraham Lincoln: The Liberty of Science and the Science of Liberty: Start Here

This assignment guide was created for Dr. John Barr's Humanities 1302 Honors class.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Title:  Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing right; hair parted on Lincoln's right side

Creator: Anthony Berger, photographer

Date created: February 9, 1864


In Humanities 1302 (Honors) you are required to write a research paper. Through careful analysis, evaluation, and interpretation, you are arguing for a critical interpretation of primary and secondary sources (in this case, the writings of Charles Darwin, or work about him) in the life, ideas, or career, of Charles Darwin. You have multiple options (see below), so choose that which most appeals to your interests.

Paper length: Minimum of eight correctly formatted full pages to maximum length of ten pages.

Sources: Minimum of five peer-reviewed scholarly secondary sources.  Along with the main work, additional primary sources are required (e.g. works/letters of Darwin, works from Darwin’s contemporaries, historical newspapers available online through the library). 

Citation: Chicago-Notes and Bibliography Style

Please see attached PDF below for full details on this assignment. 

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Title: Portrait of Charles Darwin 

Creator: Julia Margaret Cameron, photographer 

Date Created: [ca. 1870]

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