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DHYG 2201: Literature Reviews: Supporting Evidence-Based Practice in Dental Hygiene

Sources and strategies for locating evidence-based information for dental hygiene

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A 48 year old salesman presents to your office for his recare appointment.  He is scheduled for a 4 month recare appointment but due to his busy work schedule he is two months late.  While talking with him you learn that he is diabetic type II.  He frequently uses breath mints.  He is away from home approximately 3-4 days a week.  He eats out often.  He knows his smile and breath are important for his job.  He admits with his busy schedule that he doesn’t always brush twice a day.  His periodontal chart reveals that he has generalized 4mm pockets with moderate bleeding.  His fasting blood glucose level is <160.

You know there is a relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes.  You would like to share with him the evidence supporting this relationship.

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