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First Aid

PHED 1306 with Professor Almstedt

The Assignment

You are expected to write a research paper on a health related topic.

It must be at least three pages long with a minimum of two professional references.

The paper is to follow proper APA formatting standards. Additional Information can be found on the APA Help tab.

The paper is broken down into two smaller assignments, each worth 50% of the paper grade. You are expected to put it all together at and turn it in as a final product by email.

Assignment 1:

Due in February (check your syllabus).

  1. Choose your research topic. Make sure that it is health-related and narrow enough to write a short paper. 
  2. Find at least two scholarly articles from research databases.
  3. Properly format a title and a reference page using proper the APA style. 
  4. Write an outline for your paper. There should be at least three aspects about your topic that deserve explanation and amplification.
    1. List each of these as an outline heading.
    2. List at least three descriptions that help to explain that heading. You will expand the idea in the final version of the paper.
  5. This portion of the assignment should be emailed to Professor Almstedt through the course email as a Word document by the due date that has been specified on your syllabus. Late submissions will result in a grade of a “0”.

Assignment 2:

Due in April (check your syllabus).

You are to submit the FINAL Draft of your research paper in proper APA style. The paper must include:

  1. A title page, a reference page at the end, and the outline from the first assignment.
  2. The body of the paper:
    1. Must be at least three full pages of text. You are welcome to write more than the minimum. Any less, however, will result in a “0” for a grade.
    2. Use size 12, Times New Roman font.
    3. Cite all references following APA guidelines.
  3. The reference page must following APA guidelines.
  4. The final version must be sent via the course email to the instructor in a Word document (not Word Perfect, Works, or anything else). You have access to Office 365 through MyLoneStar. You can work on your paper and save it on the cloud. Another alternative is to use the Learning Commons computers or campus lab computers to save it as a Word document.
  5. Appropriate grammar and spelling. Grammar and spell checks should be performed prior to sending the final version of your paper. If anyone needs help in this area, make an appointment with a tutor in the Learning Commons.
  6. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! ALL PAPERS WILL BE SENT TO TURNITIN.COM TO CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM. You can paraphrase or quote from a source. As a matter of fact, I expect you to do that. However, you must give credit to the source. Plagiarized papers will result in a grade of zero “0”.

Course Information

Please contact Professor Almstedt with any questions you may have about the course or assignment.

LSC-Kingwood Learning Commons | Ask Us: | Reference: 281.312.1693 | Circulation: 281.312.1691 | LIB 100, 20000 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339