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First Aid

PHED 1306 with Professor Almstedt

Information Seeking Strategy

Step 3

At this stage, you should have a well defined question or questions that you are looking for answers about your health topic.

  • Think about the type of information you will need to answer your question. Do you know the pathology (cause and effect) and the epidemiology (incidences, distribution, and possible control) of a disease? Do you need statistics? Historical information on the medical research and treatment ? Current medical developments? 

  • Identify the key concepts or keywords, they will be the terms you use in your search. (Do not type your question into the search box. You will not get the best results.)

  • Think about where you will need to look to find this information.

    • Books

    • Medical research journals

    • Medical magazines

    • Health-specific websites

Health and Medicine Databases

How do I get into the databases off campus?

Don't have a barcode number? Apply online and our circulation staff will email you a barcode number to your Lone Star College email address. Need it sooner? Call our reference librarians at 281.312.1693 during library hours.

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