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Honors College Co-Curricular Workshops

Complete your honors project successfully through this workshop series. This will help students build research, writing, and presentation skills.

How to Write an Honors Project Proposal

Honors Topic Proposal Guide 



PURPOSE: What is the purpose of this research?  

BACKGROUND: Information about your topic  

METHODOLOGY: How are you conducting your research? 

SIGNIFICANCE: So what? Who cares? 


  • Length 

  • Format 

  • Sources needed 

RESOURCES: What sources do you need to consult?  



(Your honors research proposal will consist of the following elements below) 

[First Name Last Name] 

Dr. Barr 

Honors Humanities 1302 

9 February 2018 

[Tentative Title of Paper] 

  1. Explanation of focused topic, initial research question, hypothesis (or your unique “slant,”). This is the purpose of the paper.   

  1. Explanation of why this is an important and significant topic (audience, or “So what? Who cares?). 

  1. Explanation of potential counterarguments or audience concerns (persuasion): 

  1. Bibliography entry for at least two foundational sources that will guide your research on this topic (evidence and/or reasoning): 

  1. Description of your anticipated research methodology (credibility): 

  1. Timeline for meeting with research advisors (e.g. reference librarian, professor, discipline-specific advisor).​ 



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