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Verbal and Visual Language

This guide was created for Dr. Gutierrez's English classes who are researching verbal and visual language topics.

Topic and Subtopic Ideas

This is a list of suggested topics of interest.  Please browse the web, library databases, and consult your professor and librarians for help with selecting and narrowing an appropriate topic. 





Visual language and the deaf community, American Sign Language; bimodal bilingualism

Benefits of Visual Language: How Acquisition of Signed Language Complements Spoken Language Development.

Language preservation efforts across generations

Language loss

        ex. Cajun French in Louisiana

Historical language discrimination in schools in different regions.


Dressing the Resistance: The Visual Language of Protest Through History

Fashion as a visual language

Gender identity and language/vocabulary

Visual Language and the Internet

  • Rise and use of emojis.
  • Instagram as a visual language.

Bilingualism, bilingual education

Art as a Visual Language

  • The vocabulary of Manga
  • Advertising/Branding/Logos­­­­
  • Paintings, sculpture
  • Graphic design-pictograms, ideograms as in airports or as way-finding information for multiple language speakers.

Social Media and language

  • Visual and verbal language used by discourse communities such as gaming communities
  • Visual and verbal language used for spreading misinformation (and efforts to counter it in some cases)
  • Visual and verbal language used to advocate for social justice
  • Visual and verbal language used for advertising campaigns


  • Graphic Novels, Comic Books-  their use in storytelling with both pictures and words.

Storytelling- Stories through quilting; language development through telling stories

Business and Education

  • Use of Mind Maps, Infographics, flowcharts, etc. as a means of communication.

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