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Learning Commons Services and Resources

For a workforce ID badge, please contact your instructor.

Due to the Pandemic, LSC-Kingwood Library Services is unable to make regular student ID cards. Workforce students (Nursing, Fire Academy, etc.) are directed to their instructor for clinical badge instructions. No services on the LSC-Kingwood campus should be asking for student IDs during the Pandemic.

Workforce students may make an appointment for an ID in Spring 2021 but only during the limited time in which the library is open. See LSC-Kingwood Library website for hours.

New employees may make an appointment for an ID during the limited service hours in which the Learning Commons is open. See our website for hours.


  1. The supervisor or DOM fills out the Access Badge form
    1. Make sure the employee has the correct access
  2. The supervisor must sign and date the form
  3. The employee takes the form to the Library Service Desk where the ID is made to get a photo taken.
  4. Give form to DOM (for us it's Jennifer) to initiate access. 
    1. This process could take up to a week.

Your ID/Badge includes access to all the library resources. On the back of the card, there are two barcodes. The long one at the top is our library card that includes a 14-digit barcode. This set of numbers is to be used when logging into the library resources and requesting library material from across the system.


Your ID can be used in the following ways:

  • Check-out and request books, videos, and more from the library catalog.
  • Access to the digital library resources off campus. Use the fourteen digit library barcode number located on the back of your college ID/library card to find articles, books, music, and more from research databases. 
  • Access to the Testing Center (SCC).
  • Access to the Fitness Center (FTC).
  • Access to the Student Recreation Center (SCC). 
  • Discounts may be available with some cooperating vendors.

Please Contact Anne McGittigan ( before making a payment.


Student ID


Employee ID/Badge $20.00


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