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Rhetoric of Rebellion: As Social Critique

ENGL 1302 with John Dethloff

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Mahatma Gandhi's campaign of civil disobedience and non-violence led to India's independence in 1947.


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  • Fake News
    Last Updated Jul 21, 2020 75 views this year

Do you watch political satire shows to keep up with current events?

According to Jeffrey Gottfried and Monica Anderson from the Pew Research Center, Americans get news from various sources, one of these sources happens to be from political satire shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. About 10% of online adults get their news from The Colbert Report. The majority of this groups are males between the ages of 18 and 29 with consistently libraral political views.




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Help with MLA Style: Paper Formatting and Citations

LSC-Kingwood Library guide to MLA style citation and a sample paper that includes MS Word tool tips to make formatting your paper and works cited easier.

  1. Click on the Insert tab in the to menu.
  2. Click on Page Number.
  3. Go to the Top of Page options and select Plain Number 3.
  4. Type you last name to the left of the number and include a space between the two.
  5. Make sure that your font is set to Times New Roman, size 12.

Note: it is important to create your page numbers first, because you will lose the text if you put your name in first.

  1. Set the font to Times New Roman, size 12.
  2. Set the spacing to Double Space​​
    1. Under the Home tab, locate the Paragraph section
    2. Click on the little box with an arrow; the Paragraph Settings
    3. Go to the Spacing section and click on the Line Spacing drop-down menu.
    4. Choose Double.
  3. Create your Heading information:
    1. Your name
    2. Your Instructor's name
    3. Course number
    4. Date
  4. Title your paper.
    1. Under paragraph section you'll notice there are different document alignments. Pick the centered.
    2. Everything else will be left aligned
  5. Set up the body of your paper:
    1. Make sure everything is left aligned (see above).
    2. Indent paragraphs.
      1. Under the Home tab, locate the Paragraph section
      2. Click on the little box with an arrow; the Paragraph Settings
      3. In the Indentation section, go to the Special drop-down menu.
      4. Choose First Line.
  1. Make a page brake between the end of your paper and the start of your Works Cited page.
  2. Title the page: Works Cited 
  3. Center align the title.
  4. Set the spacing to Double Space:   
    1. Click on the little box with an arrow; the Paragraph Settings. 
    2. Go to the Spacing section and click on the Line Spacing drop-down menu.
    3. Choose Double.
  5. Set the Hanging Indentation
    1. Click on the little box with an arrow; the Paragraph Settings
    2. Go to the Indentation section and click on the Special drop-down menu.
    3. Choose Hanging.
    4. Please not that you do not have to do anything more to make sure that your citation bumps over on the second line. If you manually moved the text over you will have trouble later when you go to alphabetize the works cited.

MS Word Paragraph tool box


At this point you can begin to create your citations. 

Refer to the MLA citation guides for proper formatting:


Articles from Online Databases

Articles from Web Sites


Once you have your list you need to alphabetize the sources. Here's the trick:

  1. Highlight all your citations.
  2. Click on the A-Z button in the Paragraph tools. A-Z
  3. A pop-up box called Sort Text will show up. Do not change any of the settings. -Sort by paragraphs.- Click OK.
  4.  Et voila! Your Works Cited is alphabetized.

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