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HIST 1301: Slavery Revolt: Home

Your Assignment

Read The Fires of Jubilee and pick an aspect for research. Once you decide on a topic please get the instructor’s approval using D2L course email.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Your research assignment should consist of 4-5 full textual pages (double-spaced) plus a Works Cited page. Use a standard 10- or 12-point font with one-inch margins. ‚Äč
  • Remember that your assignment should include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion. 
  • A minimum of four sources plus the Oates book is required, with at least one from each of the following: a historical monograph (book), a scholarly journal, and a reputable website. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are not acceptable as sources. All sources must appear in the Works Cited page, and those that do must be cited in the paper. 
  • Documentation must be parenthetical, and all forms must follow those prescribed in the MLA Handbook. 
  • Save your research project in rich text or as a Word document and submit it as an attached file, using the D2L course email feature. 

Check the course calendar for the due date. Fifteen points will be deducted from any late assignment, and no assignment will be accepted more than one week after the due date. The evaluation of this research assignment will focus not only on content but also on clarity, organization, coherence, and use of Standard Written English.

Warning: Plagiarism is theft of another writer’s words or ideas and will receive a zero.

  • Compare Turner’s revolt to another American slave revolt such as the Gabriel Prosser rebellion, Denmark Vesey planned rebellion, or the Stono rebellion. 
  • Explore the master/slave relationship in the South. 
  • Describe the impact of slavery on slave institutions such as religion and marriage. 
  • What techniques did slaves use in order to preserve their culture? How successful were they? 
  • Explore the relationship between the abolitionist movement and Nat Turner’s revolt. Why did the South believe the abolitionists were to blame for the revolt? 
  • Compare reportage at the time of the event to what we know now. 
  • How did the Nat Turner revolt change the relationship between the North and South? How did both respond to the revolt?

Below are some keywords to consider using in your search for information. To narrow your search down to aspects of American slavery and abolitionism, add keywords such as United States, America, American, or African-American.

  • slavery
  • slave revolt
  • slave insurrection
  • slave culture
  • slave marriage
  • slave religion
  • abolitionists
  • abolition of slavery 
  • Nat Turner (or Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vessey, etc.)
  • slave revolt reaction

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