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ENGL 1301-Summary Response Paper: Home

with Professor Dalvi

About the Assignment

The summary response essay is just what the title says. It is the summary of an article and your response to the article’s arguments. In order to write this assignment, you will have to understand the argument or points that the article’s writer makes. Your summary of the article will reflect your complete understanding of it, whereas, the response will be a piece-by-piece analysis of the writer’s argument/s. In both these activities, you will have to show a good comprehension of the article, as well as show your own views regarding the ideas posed by the writer. 

Choose one of the following:

  • Jeremy Adam Smith "Our Fear of Immigrants" (p. 750) 
  • Grant Penrod "Why We Hate the Smart Kids" (p. 759)
  • Andrew Leonard "Black Friday" (p. 164)

The summary

  • Approximately 300 words long.
  • Include a few quotes from the primary article
  • Do NOT include your views the summary should be unbiased.
  • Refer to the “How to Write Summary” handout when working on your summary.

The response (your opinion).

  • Make three distinct points to respond to the article. (NOT in bullet points or with numbers; must be clear in paragraph format)
  • Make one point supporting the writer
  • Make one point that doubts him/her.
  • The third point can be either.
  • Use outside sources to support your claims.  Be prepared for your ideas to change and grow with the research you do.
  • You are required to use at least two outside and scholarly sources for this essay.

Criteria for Grading

  • 3-5 pages long
  • A succinct summary of the article
  • Valid and knowledgeable response points
  • Validity and use of outside sources to support your points
  • Correct use of MLA format

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