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MLA Style Guide

Below is an example of what an academic paper in MLA style should look like. There are bubbles the highlight features with instructions as to how to properly format the text in Microsoft Word. Click on the play buttons for short videos that walk you through each formatting technique.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Format Your Paper in MLA Style


1 The first step is to open a new document in Microsoft Word.

We are going to start my creating the header:
Click Insert

Step 1 image

2 Click Page Number

Step 2 image

3 Click Top of Page

Step 3 image

4 Click Plain Number 3

Step 4 image

5 Type your last name to the left of the page number

Step 5 image

6 We have to change the font.
Click Home

Step 6 image

7 Click the font drop down menu

Step 7 image

8 Click Times New Roman

Step 8 image

9 Click Page 1 content

Step 9 image

10 Doubleclick onto the main area of the page to get out of the header settings

Step 10 image

11 We have to set the font for the paper. Click on the font drop-down menu

Step 11 image

12 Click Times New Roman

Step 12 image

13 Type in your name, first and last and Press Enter

Step 13 image

14 Type your instructor's name and Press Enter

Step 14 image

15 Type the name of the class and Press Enter

Step 15 image

16 Type the date: day, abreviation of the month., and year and Press Enter

Step 16 image

17 Click Center Align for the title of your paper

Step 17 image

18 Type the title of your paper and Press Enter

Step 18 image

19 Change the alignment for the body of your paper:
Click Align Left

Step 19 image

20 Start to write you paper

Step 20 image

21 A few more formatting notes:

Highlight all the content and
Click Paragraph...

Step 21 image

22 In the spacing section, Click Line spacing: drop-down menu

Step 22 image

23 Click Double

Step 23 image

24 Click Don't add space between paragraphs of the same ...

Step 24 image

25 Click OK

Step 25 image

26 Highlight the body of the paper

Step 26 image

27 Click Paragraph...

Step 27 image

28 In the Indentation section, Click Special drop-down menu

Step 28 image

29 Click First line

Step 29 image

30 Click OK

Step 30 image

31 Click Page 1 content

Step 31 image

32 Type in Page 1 content and Press Backspace

Step 32 image

33 Press Shift+Backspace

Step 33 image

34 Type up your paper now that it is all properly formatted.

Step 34 image

35 When you are ready to create your Works Cited page, Click Insert

Step 35 image

35b Click

Step 35b image

36 Click Pages

Step 36 image

37 Click Page Break so that you start on a brand new page without any funny issues of where it starts.

Step 37 image

38 Click onto the new Page

Step 38 image

39 Click Home

Step 39 image

40 Click Center

Step 40 image

41 Type Works Cited as the title of this page and Press Enter

Step 41 image

42 Now for the sources, Click Align Left

Step 42 image

43 Click Paragraph...

Step 43 image

44 In the Indentation section, Click Special:

Step 44 image

45 Click Hanging

Step 45 image

46 Make sure that Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style is checked

Step 46 image

47 Click OK

Step 47 image

48 Click Page 2

Step 48 image

49 Type in the author's name: 
Last name, First name.
Punctuation is important!

Step 49 image

50 Type "The Title of the Article in Quotation Marks."
Make sure the period goes before the closing quotation mark.

Step 50 image

50b Click

Step 50b image

51 Click Italic 
Type in The Name of the Journal that Published the Article,
and Click Italic to turn the italics off

Step 51 image

51b Click

Step 51b image

52 Type the volume and issue number:
vol. #, no. #,
Note: Because the abbreviation is happening in the middle of this "run-on sentence" that includes all the publication information, the abbrev. will be lower case unless it is a proper name, like a month.

Step 52 image

53 Type the page range and a period.

Step 53 image

54 Type the name of the database in Italic

Step 54 image

54b Click

Step 54b image

55 Paste the permanent link or DOI 
Press Enter

Repeat for all the sources and put them in alphabetical order based on the first letters of each entry.

Step 55 image

56 Don't forget to SAVE
Click File Tab

Step 56 image

56b Click

Step 56b image

57 Click Save

Step 57 image

58 Click Browse

Step 58 image

59 Type in File name: and Click Save

Step 59 image

59b Click

Step 59b image

60 That's it. Ask a librarian if you need any help formatting you paper in MLA style.

Step 60 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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