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*****5-Star Book Recommendations from Nancy Parks

Favorite books from a beloved staff member at LSC-Kingwood Library.

Our Nancy


Nancy Parks had a positive influence on everyone she met. Every contact with Nancy was one of joy. Even the mundane tasks of the day were made lighter by her presence. A staff member called her a rare soul who “pure of heart and mind”. I couldn’t agree more. 

Nancy was an avid reader of books of all types, but her favorite genre was historical fiction. She read hundreds of books and rated each title to two decimal places. Yes, some were a 4.75 while others 3.23. I was not fully aware of her ranking criteria, but what I learned is that Nancy rarely gave a book five stars. 

Not long after her retirement at LSC, Nancy passed away in December 2023. We were fortunate to have known this beautiful, intelligent, loving person. 

Stop by the Learning Commons to grab a bookmark and check out one of her highly rated books 

-- Hope LeJeune

Nancy would always say her favorite book was Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All.  She also mentioned The Paris Library as a favorite.

Reading and a love of books was passed from Nancy to her daughter, Marie Parks.  One of Nancy's proudest moments was when she told library staff about the recent publication of Unrelenting.  Her daughter was a published author!  Nancy's smile was big that day.  Unrelenting is available for check out at Kingwood Library and local public libraries. --Hope LeJeune, Librarian


I remember the day Nancy walked in with the greatest smile and told me about her daughter's new book that she published. Nancy knew I loved anything fantasy, and she gave me a copy of her daughter's book to read. I finished Unrelenting in a speedy 4 hours and came in the next day to tell Nancy how wonderful it was. If you have the time, take a moment to pick it up and travel to a magical world. --Brittany Smith, Librarian

  This bookmark is available at the book display in the Learning Commons.

                                                    This recipe card is available at the book display in the Learning Commons.

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