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Short Stories & Film Adaptations

ENGL 2341 with Dr. Dalvi

The Assignment

In this assignment, you should write a proposal for the making of a movie adaption based on a short story. I would prefer if you chose a story that has not been made into a movie as of yet. However, you may also choose a story that has been previously adapted but your movie proposal should talk about how your version would be significantly different in style and genre.

  • Summary or synopsis of the short story
  • List of the main characters and your desired actors for those characters
  • Paragraph describing how your movie adaptation will be different from the story -Will there be a backstory for any character? -Will any character’s story arc grow or become less?
  • Film’s title and tagline
  • A short summary about the genre of the film (talk about films that are similar)
  • Who would you like to be the film’s director (optional)
  • Movie’s target audience
  1. You must follow the basic MLA formatting requirements for header, spacing, font, etc.
  2. The summaries of the short story and the film should be at the beginning. However, you may shuffle the rest of the points in the assignment as you see fit.
  3. Details are key! I encourage you to get creative and really dive into this creative process. This is your opportunity to come up with an idea that is all your own and unique. There are no wrong answers – so get inventive.

Books with Short Stories

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