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Geology 1405H - Environmental Geology

Honors Geology with Dr. Letargo, Fall 2023

Google Search Tip

Below is a list of a few of reliable, authoritative web pages which can be used to begin the research process.  To retrieve these types of results, begin a Google search with the topic you wish to search and narrow to government web pages.  The search would look like this:

Composting site:gov

Biosolids site:gov

Renewable energy site:gov

Tornadoes site:gov

Wastewater site:gov

Recommended Government Websites (Small Sampling)


This is a LIMITED set of example web pages.  When searching the open web, be sure to maintain accuracy and authority which are present in government (.gov) web pages.  

Organization Web Pages

There are also reputable world-wide organizations that will have up to date information on health and environment related topics. 

Example search:


Google Scholar

Content, video, and steps forthcoming

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