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Chemical Lab Reporting

Guidelines and reference sources for writing a chemistry lab report at LSC-Kingwood

Lab reports must be based on the data you collected performing the experiment. You cannot use data collected by others without specific permission from the instructor. It is permissible to work with others in doing the lab report, but all calculations, statement of objectives and observations and discussions/answers must be done by you.

Report Content and Format

  • Material must be well organized and neat. Submit only the required pages, not the entire experimental procedures.
  • In addition to the general report requirements that apply to all labs, each lab includes specific report requirements listed under "Report Requirements," and may also have Post Lab questions.
  • All calculations must be shown in the report either on the data sheets or attached sheets and all data and reported results must show the correct units.
  • Use only one side of paper.

Much of the content for this guide was suggested by, or reused with permission from, Purdue University Libraries from their guide Chemistry Lab Resources.

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