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ENGL 2341: Diversifying the Classics Research Project

This guide was created for students in Professor Dethloff's ENGL 2341.


In this research project, you will come up with your own research question in which you investigate sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture, or socioeconomic status within a story of classic children's literature, as well as within a contemporary retelling of that story.

Based on taking a critical approach to literature, you will research the story of classical children's literature to find an answer to your question. Your answer will become the thesis to your paper. 

In your paper, you will support your thesis (1) by analyzing the original story and its retelling through your critical approach and (2) by integrating secondary source material that supports your own original analysis.

Your paper will be at least 2,000 words, but not over 3,000 (not including quotations or Works Cited page). 

For the sources you will need: 2 primary sources (the story and the contemporary retelling), at least 6 secondary sources (1 from the lecture or discussion summations and 1 reference entry on the critical approach you choose for your paper) with 4 scholarly literary criticism articles found in databases from the LSC library.

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