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ENGL 1301: Can You Feel the Love?

This guide was created for Dr. Brinkman's English 1301: Composition & Rhetoric I, summer 6WI 2023.

Essay 4

This is your final essay of the term! In this essay, you will develop your own definition and framework of love and apply it. You are not limited to discussing romantic love; you may theorize and define any type of love and make an argument for its importance in life.

  1. Think about all the reading, discussion, and research you’ve completed this term. It’s all been about love. Based on your own thinking, how do you define love? Remember, focus on a specific type of love, which can include: romantic, familial, friendship, people and their pets/animals, or even addiction.
  2. Think of an example of when this type of love is important. You can write a personal account OR you can pick a movie, commercial, TV series, historical event, or even something that has happened to someone you know.
  3. Write an essay that defines, demonstrates, and reflects on this type of love.
  4. You do not have to include outside sources, but if you use them, you MUST cite them.


1.    Separate introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
2.    A well-developed thesis. 
3.    A paragraph WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS (NO QUOTES/CITATIONS) in which you identify and define a specific type of love.
4.    2-3 paragraphs exploring this type of love in action. (This can be done through narrative or analysis. You can take a personal or detached approach.)
5.    A reflective paragraph in which you discuss how this type of love is important to people and society.
6.    At least 750 words.
7.    MLA format.
8.    Edited for grammar and clarity.

Automatic Grades:
Too short (Essays shorter than 700 words): 50
Academic Dishonesty (AI or blatant plagiarism): 0
Major Citation Error: No WC or in-text citations (if you use sources)

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