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Local Texas History

This guide was created for English and History paper assignments which require local city and town history related research. This does not include genealogy.

Getting Started

Don't know where to start with research?

Start at the beginning. Read the basics about your town, when it was founded and by whom. Why was it founded? Read about the town to answer some of these questions. Then, ask yourself, "What sticks out to me?" What did stick out to you? Or, what didn't you read about that you would like to know more? 

Those people, places, events, and topics are your keywords. Maybe there is a festival every year that celebrates a crop your town was known for. Which crop was it? Why was it successful here? Does your town still produce it? 

Research is all about answering a question that you want to know. 

To get started, GOOGLE IT! We will do some preliminary searching in class.

Handbooks, Almanacs, etc.

Local Area Museums and Historical Societies

A great place to begin your research is at your local area museum, historical society, or local library.  Find your nearest location and visit them in person. 

Google the name of your town with the words museum or historical society.

Official City Web Pages

Additional information on the history of your area is located on the official city pages.  Search for your city, then add the words city and history to narrow the search.  Ex. Cleveland Texas city history

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