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War Literature: English 1302

This guide was created for the linked History and English classes of Young and Davis. Spring, 2023, 2024.

Gen. George Custer, U.S.A. [between 1855 and 1865] (Library of Congress)

George Armstrong Custer, 1839-1876, posed with bear he killed in the Black Hills, South Dakota, 1874. (Library of Congress)

Destruction of "Maine", Havana harbor, Cuba, Spanish-American War 1898 (Library of Congress)

Coffins of Spanish-American war dead (Library of Congress)

African American soldiers reading, playing cards, and relaxing in Y.W.C.A. Hostess House. 1918. (Library of Congress)

First Aid Station, American Trenches. [ca. 1917] (Library of Congress)

U.S. soldiers getting library books from truck, Kelly Field Library. [between 1917 and 1919]. (Library of Congress)

Wounded American soldier resting and reading in American Military Hospital No. 5, at Auteuil, a complete portable tent hospital, supported by the American Red Cross on the site of what was before the war a celebrated race-course. June 11, 1918. (Library of Congress)

U.S. Army Infantry troops, African American unit, marching northwest of Verdun, France, in World War I. Nov. 5, 1918. (Library of Congress)

Marines on beach, preparatory to embarkation for New Britain, taken by the USS Nashville. Dec. 1943. (Library of Congress)

American troops moving on toward Fontainebleau en route to Paris, France, with smoke from blasted German armor filling the sky. Infantryman with bazooka in foreground following tank destroyer. August 23, 1944. (Library of Congress)

Stretchers on a roadway in the Nidual River valley leading to the 3rd Marine Division Navy field hospital, which was the scene of a dawn attack by Japanese forces. July 26, 1944. (Library of Congress)

French Coast dead ahead--helmeted Yankee soldiers crouch, tightly packed, behind bulwarks of a Coast Guard landing barge in the historic sweep across the English Channel to the shores of Normandy. 1944. (Library of Congress)

Wounded American soldiers are given medical treatment at a first aid station, somewhere in Korea. July 25, 1950. (National Archives)

Men of the 24th Infantry Regiment move up to the firing line in Korea. July 18, 1950. (National Archives)

Korean Conflict. Men of the 3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division, covering up behind rocks to shield themselves from exploding mortar shells, near the Hantan River in central Korea. April 11, 1951. (Library of Congress)

Soldiers barbecuing in Pongdong, Korea. Nov. 25, 1950. (National Archives)

Two bombs tumble from a Vietnamese Air Force A-1E Skyraider over a burning [Viet] Cong hideout near Cantho, South Viet Nam. 1967. (Library of Congress)

Vietnam...."Home is where you dig it" was the sign over the fighting bunker of Private First Class Edward, Private First Class Falls and Private First Class Morgan of the 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment, during Operation Worth. 1968. (National Archives)

Wounded servicemen arriving from Vietnam at Andrews Air Force Base. Mar. 8, 1968. (Library of Congress)

Soldiers carry a wounded comrade through a swamp. 1969. (National Archives)

Naval Special Warfare operators inspect a shipping container located at Iraq's Mina Al Bakar Oil Terminal during an operation to prevent the oil platform from being destroyed by Iraqi military. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Arlo K. Abrahamson. Mar. 21, 2003. (Wikimedia Commons)

U.S. Marines and Navy Hospital Corpsmen carry wounded Marines out of a medical vehicle to stabilize them at the 1/8 Regimental Aid Station before evacuating them to a medical facility. The Marines were wounded during Operation Al Fajr (New Dawn) in the city of Fallujah, Iraq. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Theresa M. Medina. Nov. 19, 2004. (Wikimedia Commons)

IVAW-LA members stand at attention while Taps is played in memorial of their brothers and sisters in uniform who were killed in Iraq. The memorial was held immediately after Operation First Casualty III in Santa Monica, CA. June 3, 2007. (Wikimedia Commons)

U.S. Army Soldiers from the 1/178th Infantry patrol a road for potential ways to connect it to other villages in the Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Phoebe R. Allport. Mar. 28, 2009. (Wikimedia Commons)

U.S. Army medic from 1st Battalion 503rd Airborne, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, waves for the next wounded Afghan National Army soldier to be brought to the medical evacuation helicopter after a roll over accident near Combat Outpost Carwile, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Aug. 3, 2010. (Wikimedia Commons)

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