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Circulation Training

Basic Circulation Training

Miscellaneous Circulation "How To" Procedures

Blue Cloud Circulation Screen

Issuing Online Library Barcodes Using Blue Cloud Circulation

During the Pandemic, the Library staff was allowed to issue online barcodes from home using Blue Cloud Circulation instead of Work Flows. This lesson explains the procedure for issuing online barcodes using Blue Cloud Circulation. 

Reserves in Workroom

How to Do Reserves

This is an advanced lesson! Items needing to be put on Reserves should be placed on the Circulation Coordinator's desk. If you are accepting the Reserve item from an instructor or representative from the owner's department, please obtain the following information 1) Name of Instructor 2) Course 3) Owner (Department or Instructor owned?)  eg. 1) Instructor: Janet South 2) Course: ITSE 1302 3) Owner: Dept BTCL. The purpose of this lesson being included in Circulation Training is to be familiar with the process of Reserves to better understand how Reserves and Workflows communicate. The Circulation Coordinator is responsible for putting items on Reserve. This lesson explains How the Circulation Coordinator puts items on Reserves in Workflows. 

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