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1. Style Guide

Standards, Guidelines, and Tools

LibGuide: Descriptors and Categories

Subject Description
Arts Encompasses all the arts: fine art, drama, music, dance
Business & Economics Business management, finance, economics
Careers Supports career exploration
Communication & Rhetoric Speech, writing, rhetoric, grammar, presentations
Current Issues News and feature topics
DIY Do-it-yourself 
Education & Professional Development Teaching, pedagogy, learning, self-development
Health Occupations Occupational therapy, respiratory care, and nursing
Helpful Resources Generic category
Humanities History, humanities, philosophy,
Literature Written works, books and writings published
OER Open education resources
Sciences Biology, chemistry, geology, physics, environmental science
Social Sciences Psychology, Sociology, government
Technology Development and use of tools, engineering, scientific investigation
Workforce Programs Fire science, cosmetology



Guide Type Description
General Purpose broad guide, for resources, how-to's, or services
Course Assignment-specific content
Subject Course/program-specific content
Topic Current issue or specialized topic
Internal For our team only.
Template Pre-created document



Database Type Description
Background & Overviews Reference material, topic overviews, general content for starting a research project
Citations Quotes directly from a source, author, book or paper
DIY Do It Yourself
eBooks Digital copies of books or electronic book
Magazines & Newspapers Periodical publication online or in print
Primary Sources First-hand account of events from sources with direct connection
Reports & Analysis Organizing data into information studies; Process of exploring the data
Scholarly Journals Articles written by scholars or professionals who are experts in their field
Videos Recording of moving visual images made digitally
Website Collection of World Wide Web pages 



<ul><li><strong>Why Search Here? </strong></br>TEXT</li><li><strong>What's Included? </strong></br>TEXT</li><li><strong>Getting Articles? </strong></br>While most articles are full text some might be citation only, just click on the <i>Get It!</i> icon. If the article is available, it will be delivered to you via email in about two weeks. </li></ul> 


<li><strong>Getting Videos? </strong></br>While we offer access to many streaming videos, there are times when we do not have access to a video needed for class. Please email the Library Services to see if we can get the video for class. </li> 


<li><strong>Getting Videos? </strong></br>This collection is set up as a Patron-Driven Acquistion (PDA) model. One-year viewing licenses are activated after a number and length of views. Once funding is spent for the semester and fiscal year, please email the Library Services to see if we can get the video for class. </li> 


<li><strong>More Information </strong></br>TEXT </li> 

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