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Chemical Safety

This guide was created to assist students with LSC-Kingwood Chemistry assignments on lab safety.

Research and Narrow

Step 2:

Research each accident and narrow down your choice to one incident based on which you can find adequate information related to the questions below.

  • List the chemicals involved in the accident.

  • Find their SDS sheet and what GHS labeling they would have. 

  • Are they flammable?  What is their flash point?  Are they corrosive? Etc. 

  • Are they available commercially? 

  • What are the known hazards? 

  • What PPE should be worn?

What is a SDS and Why It Is Important?

How to Find a SDS-Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be located online.  Watch the video on the next tab for ideas on where to locate these.  Examples:

1. Do a Google search which may yield results. Ex. isopropyl alcohol:sds OR isopropyl alcohol:sds 2020  This yielded many safety datasheets from different companies in PDF format.

2. Go to the manufacturer's website.  Look for a section on SDS.

3. Call the company who manufactured the chemical.

This video explains several ways to locate SDS for a product. That content begins around minute 3:30 and goes to the end of the video.

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