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For a workforce ID badge, please contact your instructor.

LSC-Kingwood Library Services is currently making student ID cards, including badges for Workforce programs. ID's are made during operating hours, from the time we are open, up to 15 minutes prior to closing. To get a Student ID/Library Card, students must:

  • Be enrolled in classes.
  • Know their student ID number.
  • Present a photo ID. (Examples include a Driver's License, State ID, High School ID, Passport etc)


Students pay a replacement fee for lost IDs that are less than two years old. Please check with the Library Services Coordinator, Anne McGittigan, ( if there is doubt about when a student received their ID.  (The date can be looked up in ID Credentials.)

LSC-Kingwood Library Services is currently making Employee ID cards. ID's are made during operating hours, from the time we are open, up to 15 minutes prior to closing. 

Please follow these steps for a new or replacement Employee ID card.

  1. Obtain the ID Card & Access Request form from your DOM or supervisor.  
  2. The DOM or supervisor will fill in all required fields, sign, and date the form. Employee badges will not be made if the form is not properly filled out.
  3. The employee brings the form and a photo ID (e.g. driver's license, passport) to the Service desk, ID station, in the Learning Commons. Your picture will be taken and you will leave with your employee ID badge.
  4. Return the ID Card & Access Request form to your DOM or supervisor to initiate access.

Note: Please refer to the Replacement Fees tab if you are needing a replacement employee ID.



Your ID/Badge includes access to all the library resources. On the back of the card, there are two barcodes. The long one at the top is our library card that includes a 14-digit barcode. This set of numbers is to be used when logging into the library resources and requesting library material from across the system.


Your ID can be used in the following ways:

  • Check-out and request books, videos, and more from the library catalog.
  • Access to the digital library resources off campus. Use the fourteen digit library barcode number located on the back of your college ID/library card to find articles, books, music, and more from research databases. 
  • Access to the Testing Center (SCC).
  • Access to the Fitness Center (FTC).
  • Access to the Student Recreation Center (SCC). 
  • Discounts may be available with some cooperating vendors.

Please Contact Anne McGittigan ( before making a payment for a replacement student ID.  (There may be no charge.)

Please contact your Access Control Manager or DOM before making a payment for a replacement employee ID. 


Student ID


Employee ID/Badge $20.00


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