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What, Where, How?

 The Library has two Media:Scape group study pods. We've nicknamed them Spaceship 1 and 2! This furniture allows for comfortable, semiprivate study space where you can pull in whiteboards or go high-tech and plug in your device and project your project, study manuals, etc onto the TV. 

Read the Set Up instructions below and watch our "How to Use the Media:Scape" video to learn how to connect to the Media:Scape and display your project on the TV.



Set Up

  1. Connect your device to the Media:Scape
    1. Inside the well in the table, pull out one of the Pucks.
    2. Connect the cable to your HDMI port. If you do not have an HDMI port, go to the service desk to borrow a converter.
  2. Turn on the Puck
    1. Press the number highlighted on the puck to project your device's screen onto the TV.
  3. Switch between devices displayed (optional)
    1. Press Off in the center of the Puck currently projecting onto the TV.
    2. Ensure that the other device is connected using another Puck cable. 
    3. Press the highlighted number on the Puck connected to the desired device..
    4. The display will now change to the new device.

No HDMI port on your device?

No worries! We have adaptors at the service desk.

Macs: You'll need two adaptors to connect from the HDMI port to your device.

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