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Seed Library

Different vegetables produce different types of seeds but most can be found within. This guide will help you with different vegetable seeds that can be saved.

Tomatoes: Once your tomatoes are full grown you can scoop the seeds out along with the gel and keep them in a glass jar with some water. Allow the mixture to ferment for up to 5 days stirring the mixture twice a day. After, pour out the liquid and dry your seeds on a paper towel and they are ready to be given to someone else for planting!

Peppers: When the peppers have become full grown you just scoop out the seeds from within and lay them on a paper towel to dry.

Peas and Beans: Allow your peas and beans to ripen to a brown color which may be as long as a month after you would normally pick your peas and beans. Remove the pods from the plant and lay them out to dry indoors for about 2 weeks before shelling them and removing the seeds in the pods. 

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