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Dual Credit


Welcome to Lone Star College-Kingwood’s Private High School Dual Credit headquarters!

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to start taking advantage of the wonderful dual credit opportunities that we have to offer you.

For questions, please email

New Private School Dual Credit Steps

Steps To Participating In Dual Credit While Attending A Private High School: 

First, meet with your high school counselor to discussion dual credit options.  If approved, complete the following steps. 

  1. Complete LSC Admissions Application through ApplyTexas

  1. Check your email for your LSC username and ID number.
    • You will usually receive this within 24-48 hours of completing the application.  
    • Save this information! You will need it to complete the registration paperwork.

  1. Satisfy Bacterial Meningitis Requirement. This is only required if you are attending an in-person or hybrid class on the college campus.  Additional information can be found at

  1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity
    • This is only required for students taking the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2) -
      1. Create an account using personal email account and create PAA password.
      2. Login > select 3rd option – Texas Success Initiative 2.0

  1. Placement Testing (ACT, SAT, PSAT, and/or TSI)
    • Students must show college readiness in reading, writing, and/or math as applicable to the course(s) the student plans to take.  Dual credit placement testing / college readiness scores can be located at
    • TSI Testing can be completed in-person at a LSC campus or via remote proctoring. The testing fee is waived for all first-time dual credit testers.  Remote proctoring has a fee of $25 per administration.
      1. After you have completed the Pre-Assessment Activity AND prior to TSI testing, you will need a testing referral provided by a Lone Star College advisor. 
      2. Using your LSC email, email with the following information:
        1. LSC ID 
        2. DOB (MM/DD/YYYY)
        3. SECTION(S) TO TEST: ELAR (English, Language Arts, and Reading), MATH OR BOTH? If unsure, please ask your high school counselor for confirmation.
        4. IS THIS A RETEST?  If yes, did you previously test at your high school or LSC College?   
      3. Retesting is $10 per section.

  1. Submit Required Documentation / Registration (Documents located at  
    1. Dual Credit Exceptional Admittance and Parental Consent (EA form) - registration form that must be completed and signed by all parties each semester to enroll in classes.
    2. FERPA – Authorization to Release Educational Records

  1. Payment is due by the deadline set forth by LSC each semester.

  1. Books and certain course materials are available for purchase through the Lone Star College Virtual Bookstore, powered by TextbookX, operates completely online and can be visited at


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