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Dual Credit

What's your goal for high school dual credit?


First, decide how much dual credit makes sense for you and set a goal.


Choose between two plans.

  • College Essentials
    • This includes 6 classes typically included in degrees offered at Texas public universities. 
    • Courses are typically taken during the junior and senior year of high school.
    • Courses include:
      • ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302
      • HIST 1301 & 1302
      • GOVT 2305 & 2306
      • Could also take 1 creative arts class such as ARTS, DRAM or MUSI. 
  • Core Complete 
    • Includes 14 college courses (42 college credit hours) in 9 component areas guaranteed by law to transfer to Texas public universities.  
    • Courses are typically taken over all 4 years of high school including summer.
    • See the LSC-KW Dual Credit Core Curriculum Planning Guide below and talk with your high school counselor to map out an approved plan. 


Completing either plan saves students time and families money.

Completing the College Essentials Plan

  • Earns a semester and a half of college credit and saves thousands of dollars.

Completing the Core Complete Plan

  • Earns 3 full semesters of college credit!   

LSC Dual Credit Cost Cost Comparison

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