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Teaching the Career Exploration Project

Faculty Guide

At this stage, you should have a better understanding about yourself, your personality, values, and skills. You will now connect your personal life to your professional future. Pick a career that interests you and investigate all aspects of being one.

You are expected to use at least three resources. The Occupational Outlook Handbook will be one of your sources. Below are various places to find other useful information about your career.

Take notes about the career and where you are this information. For extra help, use the document below to keep your information organized.

Keep in Mind

In your research, consider answering the following questions:

  1. Why have you chosen that particular career path? What makes it a perfect career?
  2. Describe the career. What are the typical job duties?
  3. What are the educational requirements?
  4. What knowledge, skills, and abilities are required?
  5. What is the salary range and job outlook?
  6. What are some advantages and disadvantages of working in this career? (This is objective, what do you like or dislike about aspects of the career?)
  7. What are your personality strengths that match this career?
  8. How does this career match your interests? 

Find Information

These databases are the most useful source of information for your career research. The data is collected and organized by the U.S. government.

Prefer a print book?  Search the library catalog.    Want an eBook?  Search the electronic book databases.

Subject terms: career or vocational guidance

How to Search for a Print/Hard Copy Book in the Catalog

How to Search for an eBook on a Career

You have access to a large collection of digital articles that are freely available through the Library's Databases. They are available at any time. Once you click on the database link, an authentication page will come up. You can either:

  1. Enter your Library Card number (14 digits long). It's found on the back of your student ID card next to the LONG barcode. Or,
  2. Click on the link that says "LSC-Online users log in here." It will take you to another page to log in using your myLoneStar username and password.



Search the LSCS Library Catalog:

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