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LSCS Libraries Guide to PHPLive Chat

Staff guide - do not share URL

Introduction to Chat

Login information

Login: XX-Librarian1  or XX-Librarian2

Password: xxxxx
               (change the password as needed)

* XX=Your Library's Two Letter abbreviation

PHPLive Chat Operator - Login


  1. On a browser, go to and bookmark the new login:
  2. Be sure to select “Chat Operator.”
  3. Enter generic login designated per computer.
  4. Click on “Login as Operator.”

5. Click on “Open Operator Console.”

Wait for a chat to come through. You can minimize the screen.  If you close this window, you are not available to take chats.

When a call comes in, click on accept.

To Transfer a Chat:

1. Select the Transfer tab to the right of the chat window.


2. Locate an operator name that displays the "transfer" button. You will be able to see if they are actively on a chat and advise the user to wait or check back and request a librarian from a specific campus.

3. Select the 'transfer' button next to the operator name.

4. You will be prompted to close your chat window.

Change the Password

1. In the Operator Console, select Settings.


2. Select the Password tab.

3. Enter the Current Password, then the New Password. Verify the New Password and select Update Password.

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