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English 2322: British Literature Assignments

This guide was created for Dr. Brinkman's English 2322 British Literature class. Descriptions of assignments, related texts, and the best databases and resources are included. Survey of British Literature - Anglo-Saxon through the 18th Century. Fall 202


This course is supposed to cover over 1,000 years of literature in 15 weeks, which, of course, is an impossible feat. Out of necessity, we skipped some major authors and texts. In your final research assignment of the semester, you are going to look into one of the important texts we did not cover as a group, writing three paragraphs about it.

  1. Choose a text from the list below and read it.
  2. Do some research on the text and author, using the library’s databases.
  3. Write up a research report of three paragraphs: paragraph 1 an introduction to the text; paragraph 2 a personal reaction to the text; paragraph 3 compare/contrast with one of the texts we’ve read for class.


  • MLA formatting
  • At least 900 words
  • Edited for grammar and clarity
  • Proper integration of sources
  • 3 paragraphs: 1 explaining the skipped work, 1 responding to the skipped work, 1 comparing the work to something we read in class


Point Value


MLA Formatting


  • Heading, header, title
  • Double-spaced, no extra spaces, Times New Roman 12-point font, Indented paragraphs
  • Works Cited page
  • In-text citations

Paragraph 1

  • Summarizes/introduces literature
  • Includes quotes, which are properly cited
  • 3-1 sentence ration of student commentary to quotes
  • Minimum 250 words

Paragraph 2

  • Student’s personal response to the literature
  • Must provide quotations
  • Ideas developed
  • Minimum 250 words

Paragraph 3

  • Compare/Contrast with a piece we’ve read in class
  • Both texts must be quoted
  • Ideas developed
  • A 3-1 ration of student commentary to quotations
  • Minimum 300 words


Author and Text Information

Several library databases contain biographical information about authors.  They also contain book chapters and journal articles which discuss the literary work in detail. Three of the best are are listed below.  If you have trouble searching or locating information, contact us.  We are happy to help!

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