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English 2322: British Literature Assignments

This guide was created for Dr. Brinkman's English 2322 British Literature class. Descriptions of assignments, related texts, and the best databases and resources are included. Survey of British Literature - Anglo-Saxon through the 18th Century. Fall 202


For your second, and final, major project, you should select a movie that represents something Shakespearean. This could be something that takes place in Elizabethan England, an adaptation of a Shakespeare play, or a film that represents the life of William Shakespeare. Once you’ve watched the film, write a movie review that includes the following:

  1. An introduction and a conclusion paragraph.
  2. A summary of the film.
  3. A reflection about the film – what worked for you and what didn’t?
  4. Two well-developed paragraphs in which you compare/contrast the film to one of the Shakesepare works we’ve read this semester: sonnets, Venus and Adonis, or King Lear.

You must provide quotations from the film in your compare/contrast paragraphs – and they should be properly cited according to MLA. I will provide a resource with instructions. You must also provide quotations from the works we’ve read in these paragraphs.



Point Value


MLA Formatting


  • Heading, header, double-spaced,
  • paragraphs indented
  •  12-point TNR font
  • Works Cited page, properly formatted
  • In-text citations, properly formatted



  • Covers the plot of the movie and relevant details



  • Evaluates what works and what doesn’t
  • Assertions are well-supported, explained, and developed

Compare Contrast


  • Two fully-developed paragraphs
  • Quotes from film and texts
  • Transitions between ideas
  • Topic sentences
  • Assertions are well-supported



  • Intro grabs the readers attention and sets up the review
  • Conclusion signals closure and leaves the reader something to think about
  • Both are well-developed

Roger Ebert was a famous movie critic.  For ideas, read some of his reviews of Shakespeare movies. 

Watch a Movie: Options for Access

Below are a selection of movies based Shakespeare's works or about him.

For additional movie options, please check Kanopy and our catalog first. Kanopy is a library movie streaming service, while the catalog lists movies you can request to check-out.

Also, there are streaming services where you can watch for movies for free. Or you might already subscribe to one such as Netflix, Prime, or Hulu.

If you need help locating a film, please don't hesitate to ask a librarian.

Movie Examples

Quoting Movies

Works Cited

Wuthering Heights. Directed by William Wyler, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1939.

Wuthering Heights. Directed by William Wyler, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1939. Kanopy app.


(Wuthering Heights)

(Wuthering Heights 00:36:24-35).

(Title hr:min:sec).

Quoting Plays

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. King Lear. W. W. Norton & Company, 2008.



(Shakespeare, 1. 1 lines 247-249)

(Shakespeare, 1. 1 268-275)

(Playwright's Last Name, Act. Scene lines #-##)

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